Control every aspect of your lead generation program with one platform

Our centralised portal simplifies the management of lead campaigns, marketing partners, and digital ad spend.

Contact State provides partners with unmatched transparency, insight, and control across all aspects of lead generation.

Lead sellers

Lead sellers can demonstrate their commitment to lead transparency and quality with Contact State data

Lead buyers

Lead buyers can leverage real-time data about the quality and compliance of every lead, increase profitability and easily control what data enters their CRM.


Our integrated platform enables you to control end-to-end lead management, strategy, and performance optimisation.

Buy leads with confidence

Improve transparency for every lead with a Certify data certificate, which captures the landing page used to submit consumer details, the consent given, and the terms and conditions agreed to.

Acts as a record of data provenance

Verifies the consumer is real and not a bot

Provides a snapshot of the way the consumer was marketed to

Helps marketing teams manage compliance oversight

Certify for sellers

Lead sellers can work with Contact State to demonstrate their commitment to quality, compliance, and better customer experiences to the lead generation market with a simple javascript integration. Once implemented you will begin creating Certify certificates.

Integrated control for safer data sharing

Simplify workflows so you can spend less time on spreadsheets and more time nurturing the relationships that matter. Our independent platform provides a single integration and innovative Firewall.

Control lead flow with daily caps

Guarantee safe consumer data exchange

Control what lead data enters your CRM

Real-time notifications keep you in the know

Firewall for buyers

Fake names, wrong phone numbers, non real time enquires, and invalid leads will ruin a lead generation campaign but lead buyers often have no way of preventing this data from entering their CRM. The Contact State Firewall sits between the buyer and seller and allows clients to set specific levels of validation, for each partner.

Adapt lead strategy with real-time insights

Understand what is actually driving sales and margins with real-time performance reporting. Within the platform you can monitor and analyse lead flow whilst also ensuring adverts comply with existing regulations.

Get the most out of your leads

Maximise your investment into your lead generation initiatives

Optimise marketing spend and strategy

Improve profitability

“Contact State has played an integral part in our ongoing commitment to our customer journey. They help us to ensure we are only receiving authentic, verified customers, who are genuinely looking for our expert advice on health and life insurance. We are therefore able to continually improve on our well-renowned customer service, securing the best policies for our clients, as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Becky Edlington, director of marketing at Usay Compare

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