Building better insurance customer journeys at the VIC

Events, pandemics and government funding have driven protection conversation for the past four years. With Covid providing a daily reminder of mortality risks and lockdowns putting increased pressure on state funded healthcare, British consumers have sought out protection products and providers. 
...but what they’ve found however is legacy technology, a largely manual telephone based sales process and a series of institutional silos that don’t work very well together. With a focus on pre-existing health issues, it's not uncommon for consumers to have to wait months to have their medical conditions manually verified, risk assesed and priced. 
Whilst banking has had its ‘Monzo moment’, Life and Health insurance is still waiting for a business to transform the customer journey and experience. At Contact State we believe there is enormous power waiting to be unlocked in the Life and Health sector by businesses who are brave enough to break out of the ‘way it's always been done’.   
By bringing together the four disparate parts of the insurance customer journey; marketing, distribution, product and reinsurance, we believe that this sector can grow and thrive. 
For the Verisk Insurance Conference (VIC) we’ve brought together leaders of each of these sectors to present what they are doing differently to build the customer journey of tomorrow. 
Speaking on the 5th September, Alain Desmier (MD, Contact State), Debbie Kennedy (CEO, LifeSearch), Ryan Griffin (Director of Protection, One Family) and Adam Jones (Head of Innovation, SCOR) will take to the VIC stage to talk about their plans to transform protection and how they are using industry collaboration and partnerships to do it. 

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