A pricing plan to power customer journey success

Contact State is used by clients of all shapes and sizes in a number of different industries. Contact State partners with clients across the insurance industry to help them get the most from performance marketing. Our pricing is tiered based on the level of access, expertise and support required for each situation.

Lead delivery API
Seller integration
Lead verification
Custom firewall rules
Custom time rules
Real time alerting
Order management
Real time feedback API
Advert tracking
API data enrichment
Consumer engagement tools
Automated reports
Monthly performance call
Quarterly F2F presentation
Dedicated account manager
Custom Tableau reports
Annual advertising compliance audit
Lead generation pitch day
Competitor analysis
Invoice billing
CTO in-office support

“The one critical element missing from the market is consistency and an assurance around quality. Over the last few years, Contact State have understood that there is a positive way forward and their concept of verification of lead origination is an antidote to this ambiguity - this can only be a good thing for the consumer, the broker and the Insurer.”

Mike Pritchard, Commercial Manager, Legal & General Retail

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