Make lead generation easier, transparent and more profitable

We help lead sellers and buyers create more efficient and profitable partnerships with real-time transparency into lead quality and customer intent.

Contact State is used by some of the UK's largest financial brands to manage lead generation campaigns, affiliate traffic and digital advertising spend.

Our clients use Contact State to:

Provide real time seller rankings

Build profitable and sustainable partnerships

Quickly integrate and test new suppliers

Contact State is a trusted partner to lead generation firms and businesses across the Health Insurance, Equity Release, Life Insurance, and Mortgage industries.

Driving a more transparent & profitable lead generation ecosystem

Contact State certifies the customer journey and provides unrivaled oversight into the origin and quality of every lead.

We don't generate, purchase, or sell leads—rather, we support our clients with lead certification, data delivery, technical integrations and real-time performance reporting through a single platform.

Transparency + compliance =
better outcomes

Access unrivalled transparency into the origin, history, and consent of every lead to optimise marketing campaign performance in real-time. Standout to customers and showcase your approach to quality and compliant lead generation.

One data source for ultimate control

With a single API, we're building a higher standard of lead generation data transfer. Easily connect and collaborate with multiple data partners on a single platform, while the Contact State Firewall allows you to control the level of validation and scrutiny for each lead entering your CRM.

Optimise campaign performance in real-time

Understand the lead metrics that matter most to your business and improve your marketing efforts by reducing waste and driving growth.

“The one critical element missing from the market is consistency and an assurance around quality. Over the last few years, Contact State have understood that there is a positive way forward and their concept of verification of lead origination is an antidote to this ambiguity - this can only be a good thing for the consumer, the broker and the Insurer.”

Mike Pritchard, Commercial Manager, Legal & General Retail

Contact State makes it easier and safer to buy from multiple online lead generation partners.

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