Lead Generation World London

We’re very proud and excited to announce that Contact State will be the principal sponsor for Lead Generation World London on April 4th and 5th - the first ever in-person lead generation specific event in the UK.

We’ve wanted to support a lead generation event in Europe for some time; it fits squarely into our mission of creating a better lead generation industry for everyone. We think it's vitally important that this industry has a place where everyone involved can meet, network, learn and debate with peers, clients and competitors alike. 

These events are usually dominated by marketeers and this event needs to be bigger than that, we need to make sure that lead buyer voices are also in the room and part of our industry. To enable this to happen Contact State is underwriting the cost of lead buyer passes for this event.  

If you’re a lead buyer you can get a COMPLIMENTARY ticket here.

If you’re a lead seller, you can purchase your ticket here.  

To review the agenda for the event, click here. 

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