Launch of the Contact State partner directory

Contact State makes it easier, safer and more profitable to work with lead generation firms and we’re proud of the many sales focused businesses we support across several different sectors. Now in our third year of business, we work with some of the largest lead producing and lead buying companies in the UK.

As we’ve grown, we’ve introduced new products, new features and new initiatives as a direct result of feedback from our clients. The launch of the Contact State Partner Directory is one such example of a product we’ve been encouraged to build.

We believe that if lead buyers want better, transparent and compliant advertising, it's not enough just to point out the bad firms and their click bait; we've got to actively champion and encourage lead generation businesses that are producing good and innovative work and help them grow.

We’ve got to do more than just view lead buying as an advertising route of last resort and instead help lead buyers and sellers share performance and customer intention insight data to make leads better. In our experience, the companies that are best at working leads also have strong, strategic partnerships with lead generators that are aligned to sales and customer outcomes.

The Contact State Partner Directory is a private listings area for lead buyers to connect with innovative, lead generation sellers. Within the platform clients can review the regulatory and financial details of companies they want to research and then connect with.

If you are looking for lead generators or you’re looking to partner with a business to generate leads for, Contact State will now be able to help. To find out more about the directory, our partners and working with Contact State, please get in touch, here.

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