Contact State support in LeadGen App

Since the start of 2020 thousands of Contact State integrations have been performed by lead generators looking to add a layer of compliance oversight to their marketing process. 

Today these integrations have just gotten even easier with Contact State support in If you're a LeadGen App customer you can enable Contact State Certify with the touch of a button and start generating certificates without any additional integration work or getting your hands dirty with JavaScript.

We think this makes LeadGen App one of the easiest ways to get started using Contact State Certify. 

In their own words: LeadGen App helps marketers and B2B business create user-friendly online forms to capture more quality leads on websites and landing pages. The software provides best-in-class form designs, 150+ high-converting templates, lead verification for sophisticated lead buyers and insightful analytics to help you capture more leads. With features like A/B testing, lead scoring, conditional flows and address autocomplete, LeadGen App helps you maximize conversions and leave traditional form designs behind. 

If you are looking for a form builder that works out of the box with Contact State, then LeadGen App should without a doubt be on your list. Our integrations page lists some of the technical partners we work with, and Contact State is compatible with all lead distribution systems on the market today. 

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