Lead software solutions that work well with Contact State

LeadGen App
Form builder

Supports Contact State Certify out of the box, with zero technical form integration.

LeadGen App helps marketers and B2B business create user-friendly online forms to capture more quality leads on websites and landing pages. Build custom multi-step forms, win new customers and scale your business. The software provides best-in-class form designs, 150+ high-converting templates, lead verification for sophisticated lead buyers and insightful analytics to help you capture more leads. With features like A/B testing, lead scoring, conditional flows and address autocomplete, LeadGen App helps you maximize conversions and leave traditional form designs behind. LeadGen App makes it super easy to build multi-step forms which combine the interactive nature of chatbots into a form.


Supports Contact State Certify. Click here for simple instructions for getting integrated.

LeadByte provides Lead Distribution Software to help Lead Sellers & Lead Buyers scale quicker with advance lead distribution, validation & nurturing automation. Generate more revenue by using features that eliminate manual processes, improve lead quality, assign leads to the right client every-time and automate messaging to new leads.

Lead management

Supports Contact State Certify.

Buying leads is fraught with risk: Hidden collection methods, poor quality data and high volumes of leads with low conversion rates...the list goes on and on. Databowl de-risks the lead buying process giving you transparency and control. Use Databowl to track sources, verify and qualify data and deliver leads in real time. Need help with set ups? No problem, we have a marketing operations team to take care of that for you.