Contact State helps you streamline your approach to lead buying for more control and better results

Contact State helps you streamline your approach to lead buying for more control and better results.

Simplify lead buying with unmatched transparency into lead quality, and access to a single integrated platform where you can easily manage partners, processes, and performance.

Contact State helps:

  • Capture the customer journey
  • Control the level of validation each lead receives
  • Conduct real-time compliance audits
  • Integrate the transfer of consumer data from seller to buyer
  • Improve marketing spend with real-time performance insights

Contact State protects your CRM

The Contact State platform features a validation 'Firewall' which gives clients complete control over the data that enters their CRM. From checking for 'dead phone numbers', blocking old leads through to preventing repeat competitor prospecting, Contact State controls data flow.

“The validation of lead generation is a significant and growing concern for the entire financial services industry. There is pressure from the regulator, advertising standards agency and search engines to tidy up the industry and improve the process for customers, as well as those who buy and sell leads. We spend considerable amounts on lead generation and Contact State is ahead of the curve in helping distributor and adviser firms to prepare for future regulation, improve the quality of lead generation and avoid fraudulent activity.”

Kevin Paterson, Managing Director, Enduralife

Protect your business & champion compliance in lead generation

If you can't prove you know where your leads are coming from, you can't prove you are compliant. With the Contact State platform you can build a real-time compliance log, and easily monitor all of your in-house and partner activity in one place.

Contact State is powering data-driven lead generation initiatives

Connect with us to learn how we're building a better lead programmes for some of the largest insurance and financial services companies across the UK and EU.

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