Use Contact State technology to switch off this summer

As the summer holidays approach, financial services marketeers and salespeople are getting nervous. The larger the operation, the bigger the problem.  For businesses that rely on inbound consumer enquiries and external lead generation, July and August always bring trouble. 

Good weather distracts and delights, and jobs we all know we should sort out now, get put off to colder Autumn evenings. A big part of the problem is capacity; I’m already being offered ‘early September’ as the next chance for face-to-face client meetings and most businesses will now have someone from their marketing team on holiday, for the next two months. 

The answer is adaptation; use strategy and technology to manage the fluctuation. Predicting a slowing down of clicks, phone calls and lead supply and then evolving sales staff rotas, reviewing back books of historic consumer interactions, and carrying out staff training is what the best financial services firms do. 

Nothing will hurt your lead quality more than panicking. Asking your lead generation partner for more leads to fill a shortfall (even after they advise you, they will need to be more aggressive with marketing message to get the same number of enquires) will ultimately lead to poor contact, cancelation and a big compliance problem to deal with. 

We help companies of all shapes and sizes manage this period and here are three ways you can use Contact State to manage your marketing funnel this summer: 

Keep on top of the customer journey 

The consumer duty is implemented on the 31st July and a lot of attention will be focused on the marketing, messaging and data handling of firms that advertise and buy leads. Expected in the first few weeks of the Consumer Duty period is a lot of whistleblowing. If you have responsibility for marketing within your firm, use Contact State Certify to review what your landing pages look like, use our advert tracker to manage the approvals of a financial promotions and use our reporting suite, perform to compare and contrast how different messaging is performing. 

Use Contact State notifications to keep on top of urgent problems 

No one likes ‘logging in’ when you’re supposed to be switching off, but with responsibility comes duty. We’ve built our notification platform to tell our clients when things are going wrong. From lead caps being hit, through to old leads being sent, Contact State clients can use our notification function to guide CMOs and marketing managers to the heart of a problem so that it can be fixed, quickly. 

Use real time, automated feedback to power performance  

Sending feedback to marketing partners is always a job that sits at the bottom of someone’s to do list. It’s not a job someone is going to log in from holiday to do but without sales feedback, it’s impossible for marketeers to do their jobs. With Contact State, you can provide internal and external marketing teams with real-time contact, quote and sales feedback that in turn informs better lead performance. Whether it’s a revenue sharing deal or a paid for lead generation trial, automated, real time feedback is the answer. 

Ultimately, automation is only as intelligent as the process and person its informing but with proper planning, you can make technology work harder for you, in the moments you don’t want to be thinking about work. 

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