Bringing buyers & sellers together: Partner Directory progress report

It’s been two months since we launched the Contact State Partner Directory with the ambition to create the largest private network of large-scale lead buyers and innovate lead sellers in the UK and Europe. It’s been a great start and we’re delighted to work with some brilliant companies on both sides of the lead generation fence, across a range of products and services. 

At the time of writing, we have numerous lead sellers and lead buyers signed up to the Partner Directory, engaging with new opportunities to work together via the Contact State platform. 

To receive a listing in our Partner Directory, lead sellers must be willing to be transparent about their marketing activity and landing pages and sign up to our transparency and validation principles to certify their leads in real-time. 

Lead buyers must have a proven track record in successfully acquiring new customers via substantial lead generation campaigns and be prepared to provide real-time feedback to lead sellers via the Contact State platform. 

The upsides for both lead buyers and lead sellers are significant. Both sets of companies benefit from warm introductions to like-minded partners who they can negotiate and do business with in a secure environment.  

Lead sellers access multiple lead buyers via the efficiencies of one API and gain the competitive advantage of certification to offer their buyers true transparency across all their marketing activities. Crucially for lead sellers they also receive real-time feedback from lead buyers which enables them to optimise their campaigns and achieve better results for their buyers and themselves. 

Lead buyers access the tools to monitor and audit their sellers in real-time with the delivery and certification of every lead they buy. Additionally, they can use our ROI tools to implement 'firewalls' against invalid and bogus data and our performance reports to provide accurate analysis and scoring to improve outcomes from their lead generation campaigns. 

We’re working hard to onboard more forward thinking lead buyers and sellers and we’ve recently announced our new partnership with Enduralife. We’re passionate about what we do and believe that bringing lead buyers and sellers together via our Partner Directory is a big step forward for our industry. 

We’re also working hard to bring lead buyers and sellers together face to face at the UK’s first ever in-person conference dedicated to lead generation. Lead Generation World is taking place in London on 4th-5th April and we’re proud to be the headline sponsor. 

If you’re a lead buyer, you can get a complimentary ticket here

If you’re a lead seller, you can purchase your ticket here

To review the agenda for the event, click here

To find out more about working with Contact State and joining our Partner Directory, please do get in touch or come and chat to us at Lead Generation World. 

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