Income Per Lead (IPL) Calculator

Calculate your IPL from your CPL and sales rate.

The amount of leads you are buying

The amount of money (in pounds) that you are paying per lead

The average amount of money (in pounds) received for every successful sale

% of leads you hope to contact

% of total leads you hope to convert. If you've provided a contact rate %, this figure becomes a relative percentage of that.

Any additional costs (in pounds) for each lead sold (e.g. referral fee). Leave blank if none.


  • Total spend £0.00
  • Contacted leads 0
  • Sold leads 0
  • Gross profit £0.00
  • Fees £0.00
  • Net profit £0.00
  • Spend : Gross profit 0
  • Income Per Lead (IPL) £0.00
For illustrative purposes only. Whilst we'll always strive for accuracy, we take no responsibility for the correctness of this calculation. If you're making business decisions based on these figures, then it is your responsibility to ensure the figures are correct.

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