Make your lead spend go further, maximise your investment and save money.

Understand the lead gen metrics that matter to your business, improve your internal processes and reduce waste.

Increase key metrics

Increase the Contact Rate, Lead to Sale and Income Per Lead of internally generated and bought leads.

Reduce waste

Detect fraudulent and invalid leads automatically, and build processes so you don't pay for them.

Improve and automate processes

Automate performance reporting that puts you in control of lead spend and allows you to make informed budgeting decisions.

"Contact State has enabled Caspian to gain a greater handle on quality and risk measures when purchasing leads and the platform saves us money every month. The technology has been a revelation for Caspian and has helped us to eradicate issues we hadn’t previously identified. We will not work with any new lead partner without their full integration and cooperation with Contact State."

Oliver Rayner, Managing Director
Caspian Insurance Services

Stay on top of things

Being able to intelligently monitor and analyse lead flow, contact rate and profit metrics, whilst also making sure adverts comply with existing regulation, is key to lead generation success. But it's time consuming and drags senior leaders away from running the actual sales part of the business.

We work with clients to think about their long term corporate goals and help marketing teams build lead generation into the overall business plan so that customer outcomes and sales targets are aligned.

As well as supporting companies to manage the 'nuts and bolts' of a lead generation operation, we also provide coaching and training to help staff make the transition to affiliate managment.

We're making it easier and safer to buy from multiple online lead generation partners.

Contact us today and find out how we can help you.

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