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A quick look at how it works...

How it works

Contact State creates Data Certificates for each and every consumer journey.


1. Seller integration

Every Seller has to integrate the Contact State Certify.js javascript on all of their landing pages and forms.

2. Certificate generation and transfer

Using Certify.js sellers call Contact State to generate Data Certificates. These are then transferred to the buyer with the Lead Data. Each Contact State Certificate has a unique URL that identifies it, which can be stored in a CRM system or database.


3. Real-time Certificate analysis

As Certificates are generated, our platform analyses the journey and triggers alerts in real time which notifies buyers when data rules are breached, bot activity is uncovered or when suspicious duplicate, fraud like behaviour is detected. Our platform is always on, protecting the integrity of financial brands.

4. Compliance Center

Certificates are stored in the Contact State platform, easily searchable and viewable, streamlining your compliance process, and giving you confidence and assurance long into the future.


Contact State's technology is easy to integrate. Sellers have a simple integration, typically completed in under 15 minutes.

Please refer to our documentation for more information.