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Contact State helps organisations buy leads compliantly and profitably.

Our platform, our network and our industry experience gives us an unrivalled level of insight and access to the lead generation market.

We help businesses scale by working alongside them as partners, helping them make their way through the lead generation landscape and protecting their valuable marketing investment.

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Planning and Strategy

We work with clients to think about their long term corporate goals and help marketing teams build lead generation into the overall business plan so that customer outcomes and sales targets are aligned.

As well as supporting companies to manage the 'nuts and bolts' of a lead generation operation, we also provide coaching and training to help staff make the transition to affiliate managment.

Affiliate Management

Being able to intelligently monitor and analyse lead flow, contact rate and profit metrics, whilst also making sure adverts comply with existing regulation, is key to lead generation success. But it's time consuming and drags senior leaders away from running the actual sales part of the business.

For clients that do not have an affiliate manager or businesses that simply need additional support, Contact State runs many of the day-to-day lead gen functions that enable campaigns to work effectively, in addition to providing the Contact State lead intelligence and certification platform.

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We're making it easier and safer to buy from multiple, compliant online lead generation partners.

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