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Satisfy the demands of complicated advertising and data regulatory requirements by integrating with Contact State.

A Data Certificate for every consumer lead

The Contact State platform generates Data Certificates for each consumer journey. They act as a record of data provenance, store metadata and contextual information about the journey, and give confidence and assurance that the consumer was sold to in a compliant way.

Data Certificates integrate with your existing technology stack (CRM system or database), and no changes to your current workflow are needed.

Lead generators have to perform a small integration on their websites and landing pages to work with Contact State. Read more about how it works.

"The modern day equity release market offers incredible flexibility and wide ranging solutions. Unfortunately it is still wrongly associated with poor value products from 20 years ago. Working with Contact State, we are determined to show how ethical the market is by ensuring communications from advertising through the advice process is clearly and accurately presented."

Martin Wade, Director
Access Equity Release & Your Mortgage Decisions

Build a "zero effort" compliance log

Working with multiple partners can be a large compliance burden.

Data Certificates make it easy. They allow you to easily answer questions like Where did this consumer come from and what did that website look like at that point in time? What legal documents and notices did the consumer see? What did the consumer consent to when they filled in the form?

Our Compliance Center makes digging into these adverts and websites across all of your partners simple and straightforward.

Compliance technology

The Contact State compliance platform

Centralise your compliance efforts with the Contact State platform.

See everything

All in-house and partner activity in one place

Zero effort

Once you're integrated with Contact State, we'll create a real-time compliance audit.

Keep alerted

Be alerted immediately when something isn't right

Collaborate securely

Manage partner orders, promotions and comms in once place

We're making it easier and safer to buy from multiple online lead generation partners.

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