Work with the best lead generators in Europe and access innovative online advertising.

Understand the lead gen sector, grow sales and profitably scale your lead generation activity.

Understand the market

Understand how your current leads compare against competitors. 'Lead gen' is our niche, we help our clients rethink the lead generation process.

Create a bespoke lead gen panel

Build panels of lead generators that give you flexibility, scale and options. We help our clients professionalize their approach to lead buying, and we ensure they get results.

Diversify & scale activity

Contact State makes it as easy and simple to buy from multiple sources as it is to buy from one. All of the Contact State sellers come with our technology integrated as standard.

"Contact State have worked alongside us to challenge and improve every aspect of our lead generation process. From tendering our budget to introducing, interviewing and integrating new marketing partners; their expertise and knowledge has helped us focus on sales and our customers. We make more money and know that all of our lead generation partners are compliant, because of Contact State technology."

Oliver Davis-Gardner and James Murray, Directors
Health and Protection Ltd

Your partners in lead generation

Contact State helps organisations buy leads confidently and profitably.

Our platform, our network and our industry experience gives us an unrivalled level of insight and access to the lead generation market.

We help businesses scale by working alongside them as partners, helping them make their way through the lead generation landscape and protecting their valuable marketing investment.

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We're making it easier and safer to buy from multiple online lead generation partners.

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