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What changes can we expect in the lead generation markets in 2023? The Key words of 2023

As we move into 2023 what will change in the lead generation markets in the year ahead? Thomas Brett, Head of Mortgage and Lending at Contact State talks through the seven key words of 2023.    Many of us will be happy to say goodbye to 2022 and its challenges, and a new start into 2023 will be just what the doctor ordered. But, as we know, challenges always bring with them o...
Thomas Brett
What you need to know about Google's changes to their financial services policy
Alain Desmier
This is clearly the month to release innocent looking updates that actually have significant consequences. Hot on the heels of the FCA financial promotions consultation is Google's eagerly antic...
The FCA proposed changes to Financial Promotions: What you need to know
Alain Desmier
The FCA has proposed a new regulatory framework for the way that financial advertising and lead generation is reviewed and approved in the UK. The proposals being considered will make regulated ...
Contact State making headlines at ProtectX, Protection Guru and Cover Magazine
Mike Laming
The Contact State team has been busy in the last few weeks, loudly making the case for clearer regulation of the lead generation sector whilst building awareness of fraudulent and misleading adv...

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The rules of insurance lead generation
Alain Desmier
Every day, thousands of consumers use lead generation websites in order to be introduced to insurance intermediaries of all shapes and sizes. From fully advised, whole of market conversations, t...
Protecting the Protectors
Mike Laming
As part of the Contact State campaign for clearer regulation and certification of the lead generation industry, Contact State partnered with LifeSearch (the UKs largest life insurance broker) an...
Alain Desmier 'highly commended' in the AIG Quality Awards 2020
Alain Desmier
Contact State and Alain Desmier have been recognised by AIG Life at their annual Quality Awards this afternoon, highly commended in the ‘Industry Standards Champion’ category. Alain Desmer said,...
Understanding Income Per Lead (IPL)
Mike Laming
It’s not always easy to appreciate the difference between a 10% or 15% sales rate, or the difference between a £55 or £60 CPL. However, it’s shocking to see how these differences add up to make ...
Exposing the secrets of lead generation
Alain Desmier
The insurance industry has spent millions of pounds on GDPR compliance, but in truth most insurers and underwriters are blissfully unaware that consumers are routinely misled online, every singl...
Always ask awkward questions
Alain Desmier
On a weekly basis, the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) hands out rulings and fines to marketers and brands that break its rules. These rulings are increasing in severity and frequency as cons...