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Contact State support in LeadGen App

Since the start of 2020 thousands of Contact State integrations have been performed by lead generators looking to add a layer of compliance oversight to their marketing process.  Today these integrations have just gotten even easier with Contact State support in If you're a LeadGen App customer you can enable Contact State Certify with the touch of a button and ...
Mike Laming
The Leader: April edition
Alain Desmier
What's in this edition?  Lead gen ignorance is not an excuse, rules the ASA Making lead generators ARs/IARs is risky US Healthcare adverts will require certification Interesting links for you to...
Google shakes up financial lead generation
Alain Desmier
If you generate consumer financial leads in the UK via search it's very likely that over the past 6 weeks your Google account was suddenly paused. Clients and friends of Contact State have been ...
FCA unveils radical changes to funeral planning sector
Alain Desmier
The ICO’s investigation into the funeral firm Avalon and the lead generation businesses Plan My Funeral and Impressia in 2019, uncovered that the funeral planning sector had a lead generation an...

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The Leader: March edition
Alain Desmier
What's in this edition? FCA unveils radical changes to funeral planning sector Google shakes up financial lead generation  Interesting links for you to read, watch and listen.  The Leader is a m...
Life Insurance searches breaks five year record in January 2021
Alain Desmier
Google trends is a very useful tool if you are looking for top level trends about what is going on with customer intention, in any given market. Particularly if you buy leads, developing a bette...
The ICO steps up enforcement over ‘unlawful’ lead generation
Alain Desmier
The ICO seems to have turned their attention away from major consumer brand data breaches and towards smaller marketing and financial firms who knowingly misuse consumer data.  Announced by Andy...
Google targets UK lead gen firms with the business operations verification process
Alain Desmier
After it was initially rolled out in the US we knew Google’s audit of adwords advertisers was coming (we wrote about it here, back in July 2020) but we didn’t know when, for which products and h...
The Leader: February edition
Alain Desmier
What's in this edition? Your lead generation guide to February  Google targets UK lead generation firms with business operations verification process The ICO steps up enforcement over ‘unlawful’...
The Leader: December edition
Alain Desmier
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