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What did we learn from the Consumer Duty panel at the Mortgage Expo Manchester 2023?

Thomas Brett, our Head of Mortgage and Lending sat on the Consumer Duty panel at this year’s Mortgage and business Expo North. So, what did we learn about how consumer duty will change marketing in mortgage, protection, and equity release?   It was fantastic to be included on the consumer duty panel at the MBE this year, incredibly well hosted by Robert Barnard of Pepper Mone...
Thomas Brett
Bringing buyers & sellers together: Partner Directory progress report
Matt Marshall
It’s been two months since we launched the Contact State Partner Directory with the ambition to create the largest private network of large-scale lead buyers and innovate lead sellers in the UK ...
Lead Generation World London
Alain Desmier
We’re very proud and excited to announce that Contact State will be the principal sponsor for Lead Generation World London on April 4th and 5th - the first ever in-person lead generation specifi...
The Leader: February
Alain Desmier
Feb: What's in this edition?  Our support of 'Lead Generation World London, April 4th/5th  Launch of the Contact State partner directory  Lead buying from a lead buyers perspective  How to sta...

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How to stand out in lead generation
Matt Marshall
After working in lead generation as a lead seller for more than 10 years and generating thousands of leads, it’s clear to me that there are always challenges in this sector, as well as opportuni...
3 issues faced by every lead buyer...and how you solve them
Thomas Brett
Lead generation issues can be broken down into three distinct areas argues Thomas Brett, Contact State’s Head of Mortgage and Lending. This blog addresses lead generation from a buyer’s perspec...
Do networks have a compliance blindspot when it comes to lead generation?
Thomas Brett
Thomas Brett, Head of Mortgage and Lending at Contact State explains how the new financial promotion rules will affect large AR networks.   Here at Contact State we’ve documented the new rules ...
Launch of the Contact State partner directory
Alain Desmier
Contact State makes it easier, safer and more profitable to work with lead generation firms and we’re proud of the many sales focused businesses we support across several different sectors. Now ...
Contact State expands team and product to make the lead generation industry 'safer and fairer' in 2022
Alain Desmier
Contact State, the lead generation certification platform has announced that Thomas Brett and Matthew Marshall will join its business today. The new hires are timed with a technology release and...
Planning for a winter 'lead gen' slow down
Alain Desmier
Alain Desmier, managing director at Contact State, explains why lead generation buyers need a clear plan of action to mitigate a market slow down as the year ends.The article was first published...