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The FCA’s big chance to shut down fraudulent advertising

What’s going on?The FCA is proposing a significant review of the way that financial promotions for financial products like investments, protection and mortgages are regulated, monitored and run. The current rules are uncertain and open to interpretation about exactly who is responsible and liable for financial promotions.You can read the consultation document, the two policy o...
Alain Desmier
Always ask awkward questions
Alain Desmier
On a weekly basis, the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) hands out rulings and fines to marketers and brands that break its rules. These rulings are increasing in severity and frequency as cons...
GDPR is a fantastic opportunity to reform mortgage marketing
Alain Desmier
Lets face it, GDPR has felt like a damp squib.The mortgage industry, intermediaries, banks and financial marketeers, spent millions of pounds preparing for the worst and then for almost a year, ...
The ICO are coming – 3 ways you can protect yourself from a fine
Alain Desmier
After months of very little news, GDPR has now taken centre stage.With numbers more eye-wateringly expensive than the latest football transfer saga, British Airways and Marriot hotels now find t...

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How AI is cleaning up life insurance data fraud
Alain Desmier
If your data could talk, what would it say?I don't mean the boring stuff; HR administration and office away day risk waivers. I mean the sensitive customer data that you keep locked away in a CR...