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What did we learn from the Consumer Duty panel at the Mortgage Expo Manchester 2023?

Thomas Brett, our Head of Mortgage and Lending sat on the Consumer Duty panel at this year’s Mortgage and business Expo North. So, what did we learn about how consumer duty will change marketing in mortgage, protection, and equity release?   It was fantastic to be included on the consumer duty panel at the MBE this year, incredibly well hosted by Robert Barnard of Pepper Mone...
Thomas Brett
Beware the Secret Sauce
Matt Marshall
If you’re a lead buyer then you’ve probably heard the term ‘secret sauce’ from one of your lead generators and if you are a lead seller, the chances are you have been tempted to use the term at ...
Equity Release Summit 2022, What is the Market Focusing on?
Thomas Brett
What can the Equity Release market expect and what are lenders and brokers focusing on in 2022? Thomas Brett, Head of Mortgage and Lending at Contact State discusses the key points from this ye...
Summer lead buying: 5 top tips to avoid the summer slowdown
Matt Marshall
The nation has breathed a collective sigh of relief now that winter is over and summer is well and truly on the way. The Easter school holidays and the past couple of weekends have given us all ...

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The death of funeral plan lead generation, a warning to other markets?
Thomas Brett
With new rules on commissions and marketing in funeral planning coming into force in July, Is this a warning to other financial services markets? Potentially, says Thomas Brett, Head of Mortgag...
The Leader: March and April
Alain Desmier
What's in this edition?   Lead Generation World London Contact State expands into the Mortgage industry Alain Desmier speaks to CityWire Wealth Tech podcast   Contact State at Lead Generation Wo...
Alain Desmier speaks to CityWire Wealth Tech podcast
Alain Desmier
Does lead generation work? How can firms prosper with lead generation? How can financial advisers protect themselves when working with lead generators? Is the regulator doing enough to control f...
Contact State expands into the Mortgage Industry
Alain Desmier
Online lead certification can be applied to any sector, vertical and industry. If a consumer submits their details online, Contact State can be there to witness the data transaction and create a...
Contact State at Lead Generation World London
Alain Desmier
There is little over a week to go before Lead Generation World comes to London (April 4th/5th) and we’re excited to greet old friends and make news ones! Contact State is a huge supporter of the...
Can Equity Release’s Reputation Be Fixed With Good Advice Alone?
Thomas Brett
Is the advice stage too late in the customer journey to fix Equity Release’s reputational issues? Probably, argues Tom Brett, Head of Mortgage and Lending at Contact State.   Equity Release’s r...