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What you need to know about Google's changes to their financial services policy

This is clearly the month to release innocent looking updates that actually have significant consequences. Hot on the heels of the FCA financial promotions consultation is Google's eagerly anticipated update to their own financial services policy. I wrote about the proposed Google changes a few months ago when it was announced in the US but in truth I didn't expect to see it i...
Alain Desmier
The ICO are coming – 3 ways you can protect yourself from a fine
Alain Desmier
After months of very little news, GDPR has now taken centre stage.With numbers more eye-wateringly expensive than the latest football transfer saga, British Airways and Marriot hotels now find t...
How AI is cleaning up life insurance data fraud
Alain Desmier
If your data could talk, what would it say?I don't mean the boring stuff; HR administration and office away day risk waivers. I mean the sensitive customer data that you keep locked away in a CR...

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