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What changes can we expect in the lead generation markets in 2023? The Key words of 2023

As we move into 2023 what will change in the lead generation markets in the year ahead? Thomas Brett, Head of Mortgage and Lending at Contact State talks through the seven key words of 2023.    Many of us will be happy to say goodbye to 2022 and its challenges, and a new start into 2023 will be just what the doctor ordered. But, as we know, challenges always bring with them o...
Thomas Brett
Setting up seller notifications in the Contact State platform
Matt Marshall
In recent weeks we’ve made lots of noise about the benefits of Perform, our automated feedback API, but there are plenty of other useful features in the Contact State platform that are worth sho...
Mortgage Expo 2022 Review
Thomas Brett
It was fantastic to be back at Mortgage and Business Expo London this year, so as we navigate unprecedented times in the secured lending market, what did we learn at this years’ event? Thomas B...
Mortgage Expo 2022
Thomas Brett
Why are Contact State exhibiting and talking at this years’ Mortgage Business Expo on 13th October? Thomas Brett, Head of Mortgage and Lending discusses why October is good timing to talk about...

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Preparing for the Consumer Duty
Alain Desmier
The launch of the FCA consumer Duty in July was well trailed by all the major, financial trade publications. In the end, there was very little in the final publication that we didn’t already kno...
Consumer Duty and What This Means for Equity Release
Thomas Brett
New FCA Consumer Duty rules are imminent, but what do these mean for marketing in the later life lending space, and for the use of external lead generation firms?   The hot topic on everybody’s...
Contact State support in LeadGen App
Mike Laming
Since the start of 2020 thousands of Contact State integrations have been performed by lead generators looking to add a layer of compliance oversight to their marketing process.  Today these int...
The regulation (ASA) of lead generation – what happens next?
Alain Desmier
This is the first of a three-part series, looking at how the ASA, ICO and the FCA are preparing to increase regulatory scrutiny of the lead generation process. To receive Contact State briefing...
Beware the Secret Sauce
Matt Marshall
If you’re a lead buyer then you’ve probably heard the term ‘secret sauce’ from one of your lead generators and if you are a lead seller, the chances are you have been tempted to use the term at ...
Equity Release Summit 2022, What is the Market Focusing on?
Thomas Brett
What can the Equity Release market expect and what are lenders and brokers focusing on in 2022? Thomas Brett, Head of Mortgage and Lending at Contact State discusses the key points from this ye...