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Launch of the Contact State partner directory

Contact State makes it easier, safer and more profitable to work with lead generation firms and we’re proud of the many sales focused businesses we support across several different sectors. Now in our third year of business, we work with some of the largest lead producing and lead buying companies in the UK. As we’ve grown, we’ve introduced new products, new features and new i...
Alain Desmier
Contact State expands team and product to make the lead generation industry 'safer and fairer' in 2022
Alain Desmier
Contact State, the lead generation certification platform has announced that Thomas Brett and Matthew Marshall will join its business today. The new hires are timed with a technology release and...
Planning for a winter 'lead gen' slow down
Alain Desmier
Alain Desmier, managing director at Contact State, explains why lead generation buyers need a clear plan of action to mitigate a market slow down as the year ends.The article was first published...
How do you fool the FCA and Google?
Alain Desmier
Regular readers of the Contact State blog will know that brand spam (the process of passing off as a financial brand to trick a consumer) is one of the misleading lead generation practices we ha...

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ASA rules against ‘benefit’ lead generation adverts
Alain Desmier
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) releases rulings every Wednesday morning and most rulings are announced and then never seen again; small slaps on wrists for naughty advertisers who pus...
Contact State and Verisk’s Jornaya combine to accelerate trust, transparency and performance in the marketing ecosystem
Alain Desmier
Verisk acquisition enables a combined Contact State and Jornaya to offer customers expanded insights into buyer journeys in the UK and EU LONDON – September 7, 2021 -- Contact State, the lead ge...
The new Google rules: What lead buyers & lead sellers need to know
Alain Desmier
Over the last 18 months the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has often hinted that it would enact changes to regulate online financial services advertising - It's huffed and puffed but hasn’t b...
Contact State welcome delegates to Lead Generation World UK
Alain Desmier
The wait for a Lead Generation conference in the UK is over and Contact State are absolutely delighted to be sponsoring and speaking at the inaugural Lead Generation World UK, this week. Contact...
US Healthcare adverts will require certification
Alain Desmier
Google have been bashed about in recent weeks by everyone; the Government, the financial regulator, trade bodies, lead generators and consumers. And rightly so. As the dominant online advertisin...
Making lead generators ARs/IARs is risky
Alain Desmier
Contact State bangs the drum for greater scrutiny of financial promotions, because it matters. If a consumer goes online to seek out a mortgage, insurance, investment or retirement product, it m...